Spider Web Newsletter


Spider Web No. 5 – Health 

November 2001. This issue of Spider Web examines how farmers, NGOs and government agencies, are integrating health activities into Integrated Pest Management programs across Asia.  Helen Murphy, the FAO Community Health Consultant, is the guest author for this issue. Spider Web No. 5 is available in different formats:


Spider Web No. 4 – Farmer Trainers

July 2000. This edition of the newsletter looks at farmer trainers.  With examples from a seven countries, it provides answers to a couple of important questions: why train farmers to become IPM trainers, and what steps can be taken to do this. 

Spider Web No. 4 can be read on-line by clicking here, or it can be downloaded, saved and printed using Microsoft Word by clicking here (321 kb).  

Spider Web No. 3 – Asian Training Team

December 1999. Describes the work of the Asian IPM Training Team (A-Team), including activities in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Nepal and Thailand.

Spider Web No. 2 – NGOs 

June 1999. Focuses on NGO involvement in IPM training, including activities by CARE, CIDSE, Lingap Maralita, Norwegian People’s Aid, Sarvodaya and World Education.

Spider Web No. 1 – FAO IPM Programme 

December 1998. Includes a summary of recent  activities which have been organised or supported by the FAO Programme for IPM in Asia, including names of people to contact in 7 member countries.