About This Site

The Community IPM website is currently managed on behalf of The Field Alliance by Andrew Bartlett. Any comments or suggestions about the site can be sent to:
[email protected]

This site was originally created in October 1999 as an activity of the FAO Programme for Community IPM in Asia. Although the FAO Programme came to a close in December 2002, this site is being maintained as an archive of information relating to the ground-breaking work carried out by governments agencies, NGOs and farmer groups which were associated with the FAO Programme. 

This is not an official FAO website. Opinions expressed in these web pages do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. For more information about FAO activities in Asia, you can contact the Regional Office at this address: [email protected]

In January 2002, the complete contents of www.ToxicTrail.org was incorporated into the Community IPM website. The Toxic Trail documentary was produced by the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) in collaboration with the FAO Programme for Community IPM in Asia.  The Toxic Trail website was created by staff and consultants of the FAO Programme.  

The Community IPM website is managed on the principle of ‘information for all’, meaning that anybody can visit the site and download the content. There will be no membership, no passwords, and no charges.

Authorship of specific documents is acknowledged wherever possible. All named authors hold the rights and responsibilities associated with the content of these documents.

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